How to Make a Smoothie Thicker: Go From Watery to Thick

You can feel disappointed when your smoothie doesn’t turn out how you expected. Like it becomes thin instead of thick. If that’s the problem you’ve been experiencing, then be rest assured because this guide will teach you how to make a smoothie thicker in 7 easy steps. 

There are many ways you can make a smoothie thicker. One of them is reducing the amount of liquid you use. It may seem like a simple tip, but it goes a long way to thicken your smoothie.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can thicken your smoothie.

1. Use Frozen Fruit

how to make a smoothie thicker with frozen fruits
Photo credits: Angel Sinigersky from Unsplash

Fruits like bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, currants, mangoes, papaya, melon, and pineapple are great for making a smoothie thicker.

All you need to do is freeze some fruits and blend them to make your smoothie. This is a trick that works every time I try it. But you have to drink the smoothie soon after blending it. The longer you leave it, the more watery it gets because the fruits will begin to thaw.

2. Add Avocado

A picture of a half-cut avocado on a pink background
Avocados are essential ingredients used to make a thick smoothie. Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

The fats in avocados give them a creamy texture, which makes them good thickeners. You might want to consider adding some to your green smoothie for more thickness.

Ensure you add some lemon juice to a smoothie with avocados in it to prevent it from turning brown and unpleasant and having a bad taste because of oxidation, that is if you’re not going to drink it right away.

3. Use Protein Powder

how to make a thick smoothie using protein powder
How to make a thick smoothie using protein powder. Photo by Emma-Jane Hobden on Unsplash

Protein powder helps to soak up the liquid and add a thicker consistency to your smoothie.

There are different protein powders, including dairy-based, animal-based, and plant-based, and they all have different tastes and flavours, so make sure you go for the one you like.

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4. Use Some Coconuts

a picture of coconuts on a black background
How to make a smoothie thick usingcoconuts. Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Coconut is another fantastic thickener. Coconut milk can be used as a smoothie base, or you can add a tablespoon of coconut flour to your smoothie. You can also add some frozen coconut flesh into the mix before you blend.

Coconut also has a natural sweetness that can enhance the taste of your smoothie.

5. Thicker Dairy Products

You can use any type of yoghurt for this method. Milk adds some thickness to your smoothie and gives it the consistency you want.

Yoghurt also keeps your smoothies from being foamy!

6. Use Less Liquid

Every fruit and vegetable has a small amount of liquid, except they are dry. So adding too much liquid before or after blending will make your smoothie watery.

Using less liquid and adding more dry ingredients will help to make your smoothie thicker.

7. Soaked Oats, Nuts, or Seeds

a white bowl with cereal, nuts and seeds on spilled milk
Cereals, nuts and seeds are great additives to make your smoothie thicker. Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

To make a thicker smoothie with these ingredients, you have to soak them overnight in water or whichever liquid you prefer for your smoothies.

This will make them soft and ready to blend by morning. Add them to the other smoothie ingredients and blend. Your smoothie will thicken instantly.

How to make a smoothie Thicker FAQs

Regular cow’s milk is the best choice of liquid when making a smoothie.

The best thickeners for smoothies are frozen fruits. Ensure you use frozen fruits and ingredients in your smoothie to make it thick. Also, reducing the amount of liquid you use helps you have a thick smoothie.

You can fix a watery smoothie by either adding oats, nuts, seeds, grated coconuts or protein powder.


A watery smoothie can be disappointing, but if you implement the methods above, you’ll enjoy a thicker smoothie.

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